Tournament Rules

  1. Adults: A match will be the best of 3 regular sets, where the 3rd set will be a championship tie-break (first to 10 points and lead by a margin of 2 points). Juniors: Please contact the Coaches for details.
  2. Results must be posted to the Tournament Organiser, the winner(s) will proceed to the next round or win the event if the current round is a final round.
  3. If a player withdraws from an event, the player they were due to play will be given a walk-over and proceed to the next round or win the event if the current round is a final round. This is the same for Doubles events. A replacement can be selected if no match has been played by a pair (a doubles partnership may have gone through to the next round by a walkover). Note: If you know that you cannot play the match following your current round please consider surrendering the match at match point. If you are playing in a doubles event and your partner withdraws, you can select a new partner if you have not yet played your first round match yet. We must be told of your new replacement partner by the 'play by' date of the first round of the event. If you do get injured or something unexpected comes up before you play your first round match, please contact your partner and tell them of your situation. They can then choose another partner and still play in the event.
  4. Please reply to contacts made to arrange matches. If you have made repeated attempts to arrange a match and have not received any reply the tournament organisers will make the player who has tried to arrange the match the winner.

Match 'Play By' Dates

For each event you should see dates that the rounds should ideally be played by, the 'play by' date.

For example:

Round 1: 8th May, Round 2: 29th May, Quarter-Finals: 12th June, Semi-Finals: 19th June, Final: 26th June 2021

There are several weeks to play each round. Please note that if a match is delayed to after the 'play by' date of the following round, the tournament organisers are very likely to intervene and determine a winner. For example in the schedule above, this would happen if a 1st round match had not been played by 29th May (the 'play by' date of the following round).

We recognise that matches cannot always be played by the 'play by' dates for each round, due to holidays and injury. Please tell us if this is going to be the case. Our desire as the tournament organisers is for the match to be played.

Late Matches

Please be aware that the later you play a match, the less time will be available to arrange matches in the following rounds.

Please consider the following example:

A player called Matthew plays a match before the 'play by' for that round. His next opponent is the winner of a match between two other players, Tim and Paul.

Tim and Paul's match is delayed and so Matthew has much less time to arrange his match.

In an extreme case, Matthew may only have a couple of days before finals day to arrange a semi-final, even though a couple of weeks were allocated to play it. He finds that he can't play in those two days so has to forfeit the match.

We feel it is unfair on those who have played by the dates to be expected to be available in a shorter time.

Therefore, the organising committee will take this into account in resolving any question of who proceeds to the following round.

If you feel this applies to you, please contact us.